Volume is the storage space that is independent of the instance. The user can expand the space as needed without losing the original data and can choose to attach the data to any instance as if it were a hard disk. You can choose the size of 10 GB to 10 TB by Blank, Image, or Existing Volume.

Volume (Block Storage)


Create volume by choosing from 10 GB to 10 TB of space, categorized by Blank, Image, Existing Volume. Which the approximate price is calculated according to the size and type chosen.

Attach / Detach

Choose to attach or detach volume to the instance. The volume will have a status and options to attach or detach volume.


Expand the volume to store more data. Which can choose to expand the size up to 10 TB


Save data in the current Volume. Supports data backup and system recovery. Prevents data loss and system migration on both Windows and Linux.


Choose to move the volume to another project by filling in the email of the destination to be sent within the Nipa cloud system. Then the recipient must Accept Transfer Volume.