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    What is it?

    Mekhala OpenStack high performance managed private cloud is a great CapEx investment in term of cost effectiveness compare to OpEx using public cloud. A private or “on-premise” cloud is, as the name suggests, a privately owned network of servers operating under the company’s own intranet. The main advantage of having a private cloud is maximum data ownership and security suitable for large corporations. Meanwhile, the infrastructure and installment costs can be high and there will be recurring maintenance costs in the long-run. With our NIPA Cloud Platform (NCP) we can tailor-made to suit your needs and make it very user-friendly.

    Why OpenStack Private Cloud?

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      Price & Performance

    OpenStack is open source software originally designed specifically for private cloud from day one. It is the best private cloud and can compete with any commercial private clouds. NIPA is certified by the OpenStack Foundation with more than five years of OpenStack installation. We can install the latest version as well as upgrading the older version. The best thing you can be assured is no vendor lock-in. We will help you design your private cloud to meet your budget with the highest performance you are looking for.

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      A Great Migration and Support

    Once we finish all installation both hardware and software, the next challenge step is to migrate from either public cloud or your legacy servers. To make your life easier, we will help you perform any necessary migration so that you can start utilizing your investment right away. If you lack of IT staff to maintain the system, we can provide you with fully maintenance 24×7 support, your certified OpenStack experts, to help you solve any cloud issues and performance optimization.

    Horizon or NCP

    You can make investments at minimum by using Horizon which is user interface provided by the community project. Or you can upgrade to use our NIPA Cloud Platform user interface which is suitable for many users within large organizations. It’s convenient and compatible to OpenStack APIs making it easy access to cloud administrators. You can get any popular projects to install as well.

    Pick It & Put It
    Where You Want

    With our experience installing private cloud in banking and telecom industries for the past five years, we do understand the requirements of your organizations either small or large. So we have designed our private cloud packages as follows:

    Hosted Private Cloud Remotely Managed Private Cloud
    Worry-free Hosted Private Cloud at Nipa data center with 24×7 immediate support,  ISO/IEC 20000-1 and ISO/IEC 27001 Dedicated server with 100% data privacy
    and less latency at your own data center.
    Location NIPA’s data center Your on-premise or any data center
    Ownership NIPA’s servers Your servers
    Managed Service Fully managed by our OpenStack specialists Remotely managed by our OpenStack specialists
    Latency Latency depends on internet link Low latency with on-premise network
    Security Data encryption and ISO/IEC 27001 standard Data privacy and security depend on your on-premise standard
    Support 24×7 monitoring and immediate support 24×7 monitoring and ticketing system support
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