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OpenStack is the world’s number one Open Source software system in the field of Cloud Technology. It is the Cloud Infrastructure that provides highly reliable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). There are three main components in OpenStack: Compute, Storage, and Network. Python, Fabric, and R are used as the primary language for writing components. The initiator of this project is a world-class company such as Rackspace and American public space organization, NASA.

Before becoming a Nipa Cloud, beginning with R&D (Research and Development) from Designing Server Specification to Proof-Of-Concept (POC) to placing Infrastructure Hardware, Network, and Storage in order Nipa to create a Real Public Cloud with the most effective OpenStack in Thailand. We focus on human resources development. To have expertise in IaaS until being able to develop our own software called NCP (Nipa Cloud Platform) which is a certified ISO 29110 Software Management Framework. For customers to use as a self-service platform, with workflows linked to OpenStack APIs.

Why OpenStack?

As Nipa Cloud recognizes the importance of Open Source, we have participated in several OpenStack Summits, and meeting with OpenStack contributors from around the world such as CERN, NASA, Rackspace, Redhat, AT&T, and China Telecom. We, therefore, see that OpenStack is a large, global open source community developed by Leading companies that focuses on safety, stability, and performance. In addition, OpenStack also has outstanding component capabilities such as Zun, Magnum (Container-as-a-Service) or Neutron-LBaaS (Load Balance-as-a-Service) that will become a new service of Nipa Cloud. With the OpenStack Community itself, the OpenStack Version has been updated twice a year for 8 years and is widely accepted by IaaS users and developers around the world.

Open Source License with OpenStack Contribution

Developers and Engineers around the world can access the source code and help develop OpenStack using the Agile Framework, as well as what is provided by OpenStack in a CI / CD format that allows developers to contribute to the OpenStack Community using the principles of code commit, build, test and deploy. Therefore, OpenStack is an open-source that everyone can access without any cost and closely managed by a non-profit organization named OpenStack Foundation.

Worldwide Acceptance

Regardless of how difficult your Missions are for you and your business. Impossible Missions are possible with the use of Openstack. Openstack is widely used to create many innovations. Creating an innovation or creating a cloud service product takes time to research and develop. Although OpenStack can be used without having to build from scratch and we know that OpenStack is really good, it’s not easy to use.

Installation is the first task that has to be seriously studied what should be done. We have to do a POC (Proof of Concept) first and learn to adjust until we are confident and then installed on the actual service system (Production). But once the installation is done, accessing OpenStack is very difficult. The user must be highly experienced which is difficult to use by many people. Our cloud team, therefore, began to develop the Nipa Cloud Platform (NCP) with a new CI/CD technology integrated. DevOps is fully implemented with Container & Kubernetes. Now, NCP is software that makes OpenStack very efficient, easy to use, and supports a large number of users.